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The pursuit of purpose

Did you hear the birds chirp?

What were they saying to each other?

Was it a sweet couplet of love,

Or a mundane 'to do list'?

Or did they just sing because they like it?

Did you see the squirrel run up the tree?

What did she really want?

Was she looking for fruits to eat,

Or was she trying to complete the daily step count?

Or did she dance around just because she likes it?

Did you see the eagle soar up the sky?

What was he trying to do?

Was he testing his wings,

Or was he just looking for prey?

Or did he just like the feel of the wind?

Did you see the river rush down?

Where was it trying to reach?

Was it in a hurry to meet the sea,

Or did it just want to off load the burden of silt?

Or did it just like to run carefree?

Did you see the human think?

What was he trying to achieve?

Was he finding a way to reach the stars,

Or was he worried about his job?

Or does he just like to dream?

Why does life always need a goal?

Why should my day have a purpose?

Maybe for today, I just want to live,

Only to fulfill my soul!

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