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The Little one who changed my world

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

I thought the world taught me so much. You changed what the world taught me.

The world taught me that painkillers were needed for pain. You taught me pain goes away with a kiss

The world taught me about coping with stress. You taught me that a cuddle was all that is needed to relieve stress.

The world taught me that the gold medal was the highest form of recognition. You taught me that the little stars on your worksheet are a bigger reward.

The world said Mozart was the most melodious sound. You taught me that your laughter was even more musical.

The world taught me that Monalisa had the most enchanting smile. You taught me that your smile on seeing me was.

The world taught that heart attack is most painful. You taught me the heart break of seeing your tears was worse.

The world taught me how to be a good daughter. You taught me how to be a better one.

The world taught me to fight for gender equality. You taught that mother has no equal.

Thank you little one for changing my world.

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