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My little Angel

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

My lap these days misses,

The tiny little head,

Who looked at me with adoration,

And laughed at my silly faces.

My palms these days miss,

Those tiny feet with anklets,

We made music together,

As we clapped palms to feet.

My fingers these days miss,

The tight fist with bangles,

Those small baby steps,

Into a life of love and trust.

My eyes these days miss,

Watching her sleep in the cradle,

Her tiny lips curled in a smile,

Dreaming of magic in her life.

This tiny little angel,

Who no longer is my baby,

Instead there is this girl,

Perfect in every way,

Every time I see her,

My heart swells with pride,

She may be all grown up,

But still is my tiny little angel

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