• gauri nadkarni choudhary

Math and me

All through my childhood,

I battled this demon math,

It will be useful in life,

Just about everyone said that.

Angles, proportions and equations,

Endless steps to sort the mess,

All that effort and stress,

Just to prove LHS equals RHS.

When life started its lessons,

It disproved everything hence proved,

No equations were equal,

All probability was doomed.

The opposite sides of equal to,

Were never really equal,

You give more and get less,

That law was universal.

And let's not start with angles,

Never did I learn so many names,

Life has too many of them,

Inside or outside they are never same.

Maybe like math you just need practice,

Proving my math teacher correct,

The more I try in life,

Someday hardwork and luck will intersect.

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