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Learnings from Leh

How do you put in words an experience so surreal,

it taught me so much, that I came back a different person.

It showed me the pallet of God,

has colours beyond my imagination,

I always knew blue had million shades,

Now I know even brown has so many hues.

It showed me the value of my breath,

why it should be deep and slow,

I had studied about respiration,

Now I learnt how to breathe.

It showed me brilliance of nature,

how mountains, rivers and desert meet,

I had always understood diversity,

Now I know it could co-exist.

It showed me simple red cheeked people,

who smiled at adversity,

I knew about stress and coping,

Now I know a little more about living.

It showed me how the bitter cold,

was no match for warmth and laughter,

I knew travel broadens the mind,

Now I know it opens the heart lot more.

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