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I have often found Him

I tried looking for God

In the places mentioned by others,

In places of worship,

And in books of wisdom.

I have found Him instead,

In that first sip of water,

in the peak of hot summer,

or in the first sip of tea,

after being drenched in the rain.

I have found Him instead,

when I finally found a ride,

after walking on tired feet,

or when I finally rested my back,

after a long strenuous day.

I have found Him instead,

At the sight of a familiar face,

in a room full of strangers,

When I finally reach home,

walking alone a lone path.

I have found Him instead,

when the baby finally falls asleep,

And I can close my eyes,

when the last email is sent,

And I can play with my child.

I have found Him often,

in the warmth of a hug,

of a friend I met after long,

Or the comfort of my mother's lap,

when I visit her after months.

I know He is all around me

like an umbrella in the rains,

I just have to trust Him

and He will hold my hand along the way.

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