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Meet Dr. Gauri 
Nadkarni Choudhary

Dr. Gauri Nadkarni Choudhary M.Phil, PhD

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

I am someone who believes that the scope of psychology is beyond the clinic. It is in everything that we do and we don’t do. The articles are just a different perspective of looking at everyday happenings and how they relate to how we deal with life.

Why Givinggyan blogs?

Life doesn't come with an instruction manual. As a society we thrive on giving gyan, but shy away from those little everyday topics which we need answers for. The blogs are about those answers.

Why Givinggyan Poems?

There is something about poetry that touches the heart. The poems are my 'heart speak', accompanied by my own art. What other way to let emotions flow than to paint and compose poems?

Why Givinggyan Stories?

Life gives unexpected lessons. A simple object, a random event or a chance meeting can give a valuable insight. These stories are those insights.

“The greatest lessons in life come from living it”


- Dr. Gauri Nadkarni Choudhary

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